Parish of Lafayette

Case Number 100985

Help Free Ben William Meaux

held injustly in Louisiana prison.



~from Ben


"They maced and beat me knocking my teeth out and injuring my back and they refused me toothpaste for the rest of the years I was there.  They refused  my jail-pod ice.  When I was taken to the state-hospital without my consent nor a conviction, only my not-guilty plea they forced me the bad medication Risperdal which ranks as one of the worst 3 of medications with side effects.  I couldn't breathe from cottonmouth, felt headaches and chest pains, cried and saw Jesus, had my first black-out ever in my life, lost a lot of hair onto my pillow and hands in only 2 weeks and saw busted capillaries form on my thigh that took 3 months to message out.  Risperdal now has national class-action lawsuits advertised on TV because of its severe effects to hormones which causes men to grow femininities.  Obviously, I was forced this medication as a prank, it is made in several forms and one is a wafer that dissolve on immediate contact of the tongue making it easy to induce me.  It is a medication that can easily be slipped into drinks such as at parties, bars and discos."


See additional information on lawsuit here.


"Before any conviction, while in shackles, I was thrown on the ground by a team of guards my back stomped and my feet pushed to the back of my head.  Three prison doctors took x-rays twice and gave their opinion that my back injuries are severe and permanent, that because of my joints being over flexed I have now calcification and inflammation all around the immovable joints of my tailbone and my lower back vertebrae which sometimes paralyzes me for hours so that I can't walk. One doctor's notes had "possible disk disease?".  There is no treatment for my injuries.  A guard named Simone had seen what had happened so took photos of the bruises on my wrists, abdomen, ankles and back.  However, in all these years my bad lawyers never demanded for copies, so the photos were likely erased from the jail's digital camera. "


"Broken teeth, side-effects from forced medication and a permanent back injury before or after a conviction are violation of our U.S. Amendments against cruel and unusual punishment."





"The entire 7 years I was at Lafayette jail, I was not able to work as a trustee because I did not have a conviction."


"At prison, I am ineligible for vocational courses to learn diesel mechanics, masonry or plumbing, because I have too long of a sentence regardless that court will reduce my sentence or maybe free me during Post-Conviction Relief.  This is because of a escape attempt made by other prisoners in the mechanics course."


"For Post-Conviction Relief the same Lafayette judge denied my first appeal and my other two appeals with request for retrial were denied without being reviewed.  I still have sentence reduction and one more appeal left."


"Another white inmate told me he has been waiting six years for sentence reduction.  Usually during sentence reduction, consecutive sentences are made concurrent and then the sentence reduced by half.  Sometimes legislation changes sentencing to less time to serve for a criminal charge.  Because of prison overcrowding, prisoners are often released before finishing a sentence."


"There has been foul-play done to prevent my credit-time-served from being acknowledged.  If someone at court can notice that I've been extorted from all my credits for time served since 2003, maybe it is possible to say I've served all my time for the charges given me."






"While at the Louisiana State Hospital, called East Louisiana Mental Health Systems (ELMHS) and also called Feliciana Forensics Facility (FFF) which is at Jackson just outside of Baton Rouge near the LSU stadium, a guard stole my social-security number and other information so to use my identity to file $11,000 in taxes for four dependents.  He was returned $4,000 in back-taxes under my name until the IRS caught him at Baton Rouge."