Parish of Lafayette

Case Number 100985

Help Free Ben William Meaux

held injustly in Louisiana prison.

lawyer wanted for hire

Unfinished Tasks For My Lawyers are:


  • Credits for time-served since 2003 needs to be clarified with the Lafayette court clerk.  I am missing 8 1/2 years of credits for time-served.
  • Copies needed of all transcripts from Lafayette court who inappropriately charges over $1,000 for the copies and still refuses to do it.
  • Copies needed of the three tapes of the plaintiff's confession and threats.
  • Photos of injuries taken by Lafayette jail deputies need to be obtained.
  • More Lexus Nexus case research is needed to prove such charges receive less prison time.
  • Situation of my accounts need to be clarified so I can make investments
  • A Catholic family counselor needs to be hired.
  • At France:  my accounts need to be checked, my belongings secured, my deposit on home checked for and if possible my passport, credit cards and military ID obtained.
  • I need to have my dual-citizenry fully confirmed.
  • Acquire my court records from Marseille and Aix-en-Provence, check on judge's decision for liberation that was ignored.


Please contact me.  I need help with my case to get out.  Please help me if you can.


Thank you,

Ben Meaux


Ben Meaux

#573291 C3 A1 AVC

1630 Prison Road

Cottonport, LA 71327


or email me