Parish of Lafayette

Case Number 100985

Help Free Ben William Meaux

held injustly in Louisiana prison.

case points and rights



Medical reports for the victims show approximately $44,000 of expenses spent between 2 hospitals for only one operation.  That was for 2 check-ins, x-rays, IV, medicine, and one operation called an enterectomy so to check for injuries.  All bullets exited, no organs nor bones got hit.  In court, the plaintiff's cousin said they spent about $300,000.


Ben Meaux's family and attorneys repeatedly offered to settle out of court for sums of $25,000, $75,000, and $250,000.   Meaux did not agree to this and told them not to do it;  maintaining his claim of innocence.  The plaintiffs refused the money anyhow  and gave gangland style death threats in return.


Forged  by Lafayette courts, the plaintiff won a civil lawsuit for $2 million in restitution several years before the criminal case ever came to trial.  It is illegal to make a judgment for a civil case before the verdict for the criminal case is made.  The judge was Judge Conque who later told the plaintiff that they are ridiculous in their demands.


At the sentencing hearing another order for a $300,000 restitution was given.


During jury selection the 2 murder charges were only lowered to attempted manslaughter being a 0-20 year sentence each, consecutively being 40 years.


If not aquitted, Ben Meaux should have been charged with:


Statute 37

Aggravated assault committed with a dangerous weapon; not more than 10 years.


Statute 34.7

Aggravated second degree battery with a dangerous weapon; not more than 15 years.


Both statutes state "for purposes of this section 'serious bodily injury'  means bodily injury which involves unconsciousness, extreme physical pain or protracted and obvious disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, organ, or mental faculty, or a substantial risk of death."


The plaintiff shows no disfigurement, he never showed the court proof of injuries.





(link to the US Constitution Amendments )


There are several laws infringed upon for the case of Ben William Meaux, who seems to be hostage of anti-French, anti-UN, pro-Islamic irrationality.


The Kellog-Braid Pact ensures the french-american allegance to never attack each other.


Meaux is kept captive for 2 counts of attempted murder charges that are statute to carry a 40 year sentence despite the victims living and being healthy (one plaintiff was healthy enough to attempt to fight in court).  One victim never wanted to press charges and is on tape saying to investigators that it is his fault for provoking and jumping onto the gun and that Ben Meaux certainly is not the assailant.  The tape of confession and other tapes of the plaintiffs threats were not used in court and are now missing..


U.S. Constitution Amendment 1 protects the rights to freedom of religion, the right to assemble, and freedom of expression, which includes freedom of speech and of the press. It also provides the right to petition the government in the event of grievances.


U.S. Constitution Amendment 4 pertains to no illegal searches and seizures.


Meaux never went to court before his arrest nor did he know of any subpoena or warrants until his house in France was raided by 2 policemen not in uniform who had guns pulled.  He was arrested in France under pretensions by the Lafayette investigator, Kevin J Stelly, that he was an "armed and dangerous fugitive", though he was not.

Eight and one half years passed without having a trial during which time he received injuries in jail and his family became scared and their finances exhausted.  During this time the victim infringed his boundaries and began extortions upon the family by marrying the defendants cousin who was strung out on serious narcotics given by the victim and his friends who have well known reputations as drug dealers.  The victims family received several death threats, some of which are recorded.  The victim has influenced the aunt, cousins, and grandmother of the defendant, they also are invoked to use serious narcotics: Crack-Cocaine, Crystal-Meth, Oxycontin and Cannabis.  The victim continues to inquire into the defendants life and upbringing thru his friends in jail, asking defendant and his family questions as to their properties, finances and inheritances.


U.S. Constitution Amendment 8 prohibits excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment.


He was given two $500,000 bonds totaling $1,000,000.00 and no following bond hearings.  He was beaten and forced medication leaving permanent injuries, was kept years in isolation near others feces and was held 8 1/2 years without trial then given an excessive 40 year sentence.


U.S. Constitution Amendment 9 is enumerated rights not defined by the US Constitution.


U.S. Constitution Amendment 11 of the US Constitution is the right to keep and bear arms.


U.S. Constitution Amendment 12 is freedom from discrimination.

Is Ben Meaux abducted simply because he is a Louisiana Cajun who moved to France?


U.S. Constitution Amendment 13 is rights of the accused shall be fully advised of the reason for his arrest or detention, his right to remain silent and against self-incrimination.

Ben Meaux was forced medication, beaten and coached to behave insane and reply to incriminating stories.


Louisiana Constitution Article 14 is right to preliminary examination.


Louisiana Constitution Article 16 is right to a fair trial.


To be presumed innocent until proven guilty, to be given a fair-speedy trial, no person to be compelled to give evidence against himself.  Meaux was interrogated by the judge until his story resembled the judges demands despite his dis-acknowledgement of what the judge implied.


To confront and cross examine the witnesses - Meaux was told he was rude to the court as he corrected his cousin for lying.


Louisiana Constitution Article 19 is the right to judicial review.


No person shall be subject to imprisonment or forfeiture of Rights without review by jury based upon record of complete evidence.   NOTE:  No circumstantial evidence was found; no gun found.  Meaux was not arrested at the scene of the crime, but rather at his home in South France.


Louisiana Constitution Article 18 is the right to bail.


Meaux was prevented from bond hearings.  His written requests were returned demanding a lawyer to make a hearing but his lawyers neglected this.



Louisiana Constitution Article 20 prohibits any law to subject any person to excessive punishment.


He was stripped and sprayed with chemicals, not allowed to shower nor use a phone the first few months, beaten, his teeth chipped, left in isolation for years, kept in filthy uniforms before conviction, denied toothpaste and ice for years and forced the medication Risperdal which causes severe side-effects to a person's hormones.


Louisiana Constitution Article 22 pertains to access to courts.


Every person shall have adequate remedy by Due Process administered without denial, partiality, or unreasonable delay, for injury to him in his person, property, reputation, or other rights.


Ben Meaux was never given a trial and was kept in jail for 8 years before a jury selection was given.


Chapter 3.  Recusation of Judges

C.C.P. Art. 151. Grounds

  • B..  A judge of any court, trial or appellate, shall be recused when he:
    • 4)  Is spouse to a party, or... is related to a party within the fourth degree (cousins), or is related to an attorney employed in the cause...  The D.A. Mike Harson is related by marriage of his niece, Tanya, to Ben's uncle, Alex "Posse" Broussard, Jr.  The detective Kevin J. Stelly is cousin to Ben by remarriage to Mae Stellaris.
    • 5)  Is biased, prejudiced, or interested in the cause or its outcome or biased or prejudiced toward or against the parties or the parties attorneys to such an extent that he would be unable to conduct fair and impartial proceedings.  The judge is a black islamist and Ben Meaux is french and catholic, the news has shown the repeated islamic attacks at France that show the hostilities between these people.


Title XVIII Double Jeopardy

Art. 591 . Double Jeopardy; definition

  • No person shall be twice put in jeopardy of life or liberty for the same offense, except, when on his on motion, a new trial has been granted or judgment has been arrested, or when there has been a mistrial legally ordered under the provisions of Article 775 or ordered with the express consent of the defendant.

Art. 592.  When Jeopardy begins

  • When a defendant pleads not guilty and is tried by jury, jeopardy begins when the jury panel is sworn pursuant to Article 790.  When a defendant pleads not guilty, and is tried without a jury, jeopardy begins when the first witness is sworn at the trial on the merits.  When a defendant pleas guilty, jeopardy begins when a valid sentence is imposed.


Ben Meaux signed a plea statement for nolo-contendre at his jury selection so should not had been asked to answer any of the judges questions at the later sentence hearing because Ben Meaux could had incriminated himself after the nolo-contendre plea and so was put in double jeopardy!


Art. 598.  Effect of Verdict

  • A.  When a person is found guilty of a lesser degree of the offense charged, the verdict or judgment of the court is an acquittal of all greater offenses charged in the indictment and the defendant cannot thereafter be tried for those offenses on a new trial.


Meaux was sentenced without a trial.




From Ben, "They maced and beat me knocking my teeth out and injuring my back and they refused me toothpaste for the rest of the years I was there.  They refused to give ice to my jail-pod.  When I was taken to the state-hospital without my consent nor a conviction, only my not-guilty plea they forced me the bad medication Risperdal which ranks as one of the worst 3 of medications with side effects.  I couldn't breathe from cottonmouth, felt headaches and chest pains, cried and saw Jesus, had my first black-out ever in my life, lost a lot of hair onto my pillow and hands in only 2 weeks and saw busted capillaries form on my thigh that took 3 months to massage out.  Risperdal now has national class-action lawsuits advertised on TV because of its severe effects to hormones which causes men to grow femininities.  Obviously, I was forced this medication as a prank, it is made in several forms and one is a wafer that dissolve on immediate contact of the tongue making it easy to induce me.  It is a medication that can be easily slipped into drinks such as at parties, bars and discos.


See additional information on lawsuit here.




While at the Louisiana State Hospital, called East Louisiana Mental Health Systems (ELMHS) and also called Feliciana Forensics Facility (FFF) which is at Jackson just outside of Baton Rouge near the LSU stadium, a guard stole my social-security number and other information so to use my identity to file $11,000. in taxes for four dependents.  He was returned $4,000 in back-taxes under my name until the IRS caught him at Baton Rouge.




At the Lafayette jail was a old blackman named Winfrey Calliers who had served a 17 year sentence total in jail and then was freed. The police had pulled Winfrey over for driving erratically and found he had killed his boss's secretary, her head was on his dashboard, her torso in the backseat and in the trunk were her limbs stuffed in trashbags! How did I get 40 years without trial for alleged shootings, but he got 17 years for slaughtering a woman?


Just before my sentencing hearing in a backroom at the courthouse a young black kid named William Broussard was given a 5 year sentence for shooting to death another in the chest at point-blank range.


Just an example of how strange the professionals around me were, a jail chaplain named Joe Vidrine had punched my cell door and yelled "you're an angel, maybe even a prophet but we caste you down". He later refused to return me a magazine I had lent him.


My first attorney Tommy Guilbeau had told me my case was nothing and the charges could be low as a misdemeanor. Half a year later he yelled at me that I had committed murder(I didn't) and that I was going to get a life sentence unless I paid him to play me off as 'kooky'. When reviewing older lawbooks the statutes 34 for Aggravated Battery and 37 for Aggravated Assault changes and stipulates over the years into more articles as 34.1 and 37.2 which is 2nd Degree Battery and Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon. Some of the early lawbooks have 5 years and some have as little as 6 months for these charges if there is serious bodily injury involving unconsciousness, extreme physical pain, obvious disfigurement or the loss of a bodily organ. These articles demand punishment of prison-time with or without hard labor which means my charges can be low as a misdemeanor if given without hard labor.


The statutes of limitations lower to 2 years for misdemeanors. As is with felony charges the maximum 6 year limit expired 3 years before my attempted jury selection, sentencing hearing and conviction. They threatened me repeatedly they are covering-up their mistakes!   They don't want to lower the charges to a misdemeanor assault charge because it will lower the statutes of limitation to hold me to only 2 years.


In later lawbooks the punishment is increased to 5 and 10 year maximum sentences for Aggravated Battery and Aggravated Assault. I am wondering if my sentence is to be set for the laws made at the time of my arrest in 2003?


Manslaughter is a murder during the 'heat of passion' so is an accidental homicide. They refused to give me assault or battery charges and rather gave me Attempted Manslaughter charges. Just how do you attempt to accidentally kill someone? No motive was ever debated, I have never had any intentions on killing anyone and never had seen the plaintiffs before in my life until I saw them at court. Ironic enough there is no gun to this case! I was only arguing the charges so to get less punishment, I don't say I did anything they accuse me of.