Parish of Lafayette

Case Number 100985

Help Free Ben William Meaux

held injustly in Louisiana prison.

ben meaux



He was arrested and by mismanagement of the US Consulate he was poorly represented and extradited to the US.


Airline workers protested to stop Marshals during escort of the extradition yelling "no government work will be done abord commercial airlines" and the captain read from a prepared speech...  "An extradition has to be approved by the captain, and I am the captain of this ship, I do not approve."  The hostesses then closed the plane hatch. Because of that, a Marshal from Shreveport gave false charges of resisting arrest and racial slurs.  The extradition had to be done abord a private jet at cost of US taxpayers expenses.


Once in Lafayette, Louisiana, Ben was not given Due Process for 8 1/2 years.  He sat without trial and was injured by guards who beat him and broke his front teeth.  Before trial and conviction, the local court claimed him insane and made a 6 year delay to have a sanity evaluation that Ben passed and was credited for having a genius IQ.


His flight charges and other charges by the Marshals were dismissed by a Federal Judge during the first months of his arrival to Lafayette.


Several Lafayette judges deferred the trial and passed the case until a black Islamic judge received it and began trial.  During jury selection, the judge insisted Ben to hurriedly choose a trial-by-jury or plea of no-contest or again another insanity plea.  The judge had lied that Ben was going back-and-forth on his decisions.  Ben did not talk much and had told his lawyers he wanted a trial-by-jury and considered no-contest if it would be for an immediate release since he had served 8 1/2 years already without a trial.


Six months later a sentencing hearing was made for a no-contest plea.  The plaintiff arrived and proved he had married Ben's cousin and they had 2 children together.  The cousin admitted that she had not known the plaintiff before the alleged shooting incident.  Ben's family was fooled by the plaintiff's lawyer to go home.  An uncle who stayed, said he had long been waiting for Ben's return home, same for the rest of the family.


The plaintiff did not speak one word nor did his lawyer, only the cousin who married him. She expressed she is scared and fears for her life and her childrens'. The judge agreed and said he felt Ben is dangerous and will continue to be dangeous. He stated Ben is a Foreign Legionnaire who wanted to be a fugitive, and he is obsessed with a family that gave him up for adoption and does not want him back.


Ben has never threatened to kill anyone.




The judge gave Ben Meaux a guilty verdict (despite him not having a previous record) carrying a 40 year sentence with hard labor, a restitution of $300,000 and insanity re-evaluations. He stated he never wants Ben out of prison for the rest of his life.


Ben replied, "it's because you're prejudice, because you are a black-Islamic." The judge replied "That may be so." Is this judge retaliating because of islamic prejudices against white people and because of paranoia over french and U.S. wars against islamic nations?


The Judge is Jules Edward III, the District Attorney is Mike Harson and the Prosecutor is Bill Babin.